2017 Hi-Fi High End Show 2017 - McIntosh & Sonus Faber

Hi-Fi & High End Show 2017


ARMADA SOUND: Sonus Faber, McIntosh and Living Athmos


LIVING ATHMOS cables we introduced to the public by Armada Sound company (Armada Sound is also an official distributor for Sonus Faber, McIntosh, Audio Research, Wadia Digital in Russia).

The demo “McIntosh Cinema Dolby Atmos и DTS:X “ took place in room #306 of the expo.

Famous Hi-End and Stereo equipment brand McIntosh, that has a cult like following around the world also produces a full range Home Theatre equipment.

For the demonstration a home theater system with MX160 A/V Processor featuring  Dolby Atmos и DTS:X sound was created.

RoomPerfect room correction system was applied in sound room preparation.

McIntosh MVP901 3D Blu-Ray player with 4K resolution was used as the source and 7.2.2 channel system was based Homage Tradition – new series of equipment form Sonus Faber.

Sumiko S10 subwoofers were used for low frequency support.

All connections were made with LIVING ATHMOS Reference and Standard lines of cables.