2017 Hi-Fi High End Show 2017 - Audio Research & Sonus Faber

Hi-Fi & High End Show 2017


ARMADA SOUND: Sonus Faber, Audio Research and Living Athmos


LIVING ATHMOS cables we introduced to the public by Armada Sound company (Armada Sound is also an official distributor for Sonus Faber, McIntosh, Audio Research, Wadia Digital in Russia).

The demo “Ultimate Stereo” took place in room #310 of the expo.

This demo attracted true connoisseurs of Vacuum-tube sound.

Hi-End  – Audio Research Vacuum-tube equipment exceeds all expectations.

All top of the line components, including CD9 CD Player, DAC9 Digital to Analog Converter, REF6 preamplifier and REF150  power amplifier were selected to further showcase full potential of top of the line Sonus Faber Amati Tradition acoustic system.

All components were installed on Bassocontinuo AEON 2.0 audio racks.

LIVING ATHMOS Ultimate and Reference lines of cables were used to connect all equipment.