2017 February 24th - Vinil Jam

VINYL  JAM Show 2017

Moscow,  Nota Plus



LIVING ATHMOS announces its new ULTIMATE cable line at “Vinyl Jam 2017”

For the purveyors of analog sound LIVING ATHMOS presented new models for REFERENCE and ULTIMATE lines. Different types of sound equipment require different approaches to cable construction.  That is the main reason our specially developed cable for MC Phono Cartridges has different construction compared to the cable that was developed for use with MM Phono Cartridges.  This approach allows to maximize advantages of each system.

LIVING ATHMOS cables demonstration uses a system by Nota Plus that consists of Michell Engineering Orbe SE vinyl recorder with SME-IV tonearm and Ortofon Cadenza Black phono cartrige,  AudioValve Sunilda tube phono amplifier, AudioValve Conductor preamplifier, AudioValve Baldur 300 mono-block amplifier and ProAc Kevlar K6 acoustic systems.

“Vinyl Jam” is an event held by Nota Plus Company for vinyl and Hi-Fi enthusiasts. In the past event was well received with more than 1000 music aficionados attending Vinyl Jam. This year’s event on February 24th and 25th 2017 featured demonstrations of vinyl record players made by Michell Engineering, Thorens, Dual, Well Tempered Lab, Acoustic Signature, Kronоs Audio, Spiral Groove, Rega, Brinkmann, Linn, Thales, Audio Technica, Soulines, ProJect, Transrotor, McIntosh etc, cartridges of Nagaoka, Ortofon, MicroMagic, EMT, Rega, Miyajima, Benz Micro, Audio Technica, Van Den Hul, Goldring, Sumiko, Audio Note in different price categories as well as tonearms and accessories.  A series of panels and seminars from leading manufacturers were held over the time of exhibition, each followed by Q&A sessions with Nota Plus sound specialists.